Wrocław Cup 2019

Seventeenth tournament, 24-29 June

About Wrocław Cup

Wrocław Cup is one of a hundred and sixty international tennis tournaments by the Uniqlo Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

DSSN "Aktywni" have been organizing this tournament since 2003, and gradually have been given higher and higher rank from the international tennis organization ITF, with it's headquarters in London.

The tournament takes place in Wrocław for over sixty participants from Poland and all over the World. The main goal and idea of our tournament is to promote sports to handicapped people. Because we believe sport is the best way of self-realization.

Every year we host more and more professional tennis players from the top of the ITF Ranking. Our other goal is to make Wrocław Cup as one of the best tournaments in this part of Europe.

1,5% for AKTYWNI!

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